• 24 hour emergency service for pianos damaged by fire, smoke, water and flood.

Bill Rogers – The Piano Mover

Bill Rogers is known as an expert piano tuner in the Long Island, New York area.
His skills go well beyond piano tuning. With his keen eye for detail, his piano restoration work is described as excellent. The Piano Mover, Inc. is a piano moving company that is based in Bohemia, NY, and is part of the township of Islip, NY in the county of Suffolk, NY.

The Piano Mover, Inc. has been moving pianos in the Long Island area for over 15 years.
If you need your piano moved across the room, up or down the stairs or town to town … Call The Piano Mover … Montauk to Manhattan daily!!!!
The Piano Mover is a Full Service Professional Piano Moving Company:
Piano rebuilding
Repairs on pianos
Moving pianos
Tuning your piano
Piano service appraisals
Pianos for sale
Piano refinishing


Don’t let a furniture mover move your piano! FREE ESTIMATES

The Piano Mover Inc is a full service piano moving company that specializes in New York to New York based moves; however, he does service the northern New Jersey area as well as Connecticut. If you have any questions about a service that you may not see on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a full service, professional New York piano moving company with the best piano mover serving the Long Island New York area.

Bill has a full knowledge of many brand names such as: Charles R. Walter, Yamaha, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Bechstein, Acrosonic, Aeolian, Knabe, George Steck, H.F. Miller, Sterling, Cable, Ellington, Howard, Kranick & Bach, Bechstein, Samick, Bluthner, Boston, Cable, Charles Walters, Estonia, Falcone, Faziolo, Grotrian, Bosendorfer, Kohler and Campbell, Kranich & Bach, Petrof, Pleyel, Samick, Schimmel, Yahama, Steinway, Wurlitzer, Hamilton, Baldwin, Chickering, Sohmer, Story & Clark, Young Chang, Blunthner, Bohemia, Pleyel, Etrof, Ellingon, Chippendale.

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