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From Bob McDermott
Re: Restoration of Marshall & Wendell Piano


I came home from work late last evening to great excitement among my wife and four children.

I walked into my den and saw the completely restored Marshall & Wendell piano that was originally purchased by my grandmother and grandfather in the late 1930s. When I saw the fantastic job you did with the restoration, I was frankly stunned.

The piano looked brand new, sounded great, and all of my children and my wife had been playing it that day.

JerseyPianoMoverI cannot thank you enough for the expert restoration you did. My father, John McDermott and grandmother played two handed piano on that Marshall & Wendell all during my early childhood. They are some of the fondest memories of my life with the two of them playing, various uncles and a grandfather on the drums and all of us singing and dancing with tambourines.

When my grandmother died in 1981, my dad moved the piano to our home. He played it for many years until he became ill and died in 1994. The piano lay silent for years in my mom’s house, and I often thought of my dad as I walked by it when visiting my mom. When my mom sold her house, I just could not bear the thought of my dad’s beloved piano disappearing from my family. My children begged me to bring it to our home.

I was a little hesitant to put all the money into the restoration that was required, but you helped us keep the cost manageable, and did a magnificent, stupendous, and outstanding job. Ever dollar we paid you was well worth it.

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