• 24 hour emergency service for pianos damaged by fire, smoke, water and flood.

Professional Piano Services

Are you in need of professional piano services?
Find out further information on the below piano services.

Piano Moving

If you are looking for a reliable, responsible and experienced piano mover with over 20 years of piano service experience, Bill Rogers is the #1 choice. With daily stops from Montauk Point to Manhattan, the tri-state area and thousands of pianos of all styles and makes moved there is virtually no situation or area that the piano mover has not experienced. Bill has a reputation for professionalism and workmanship that when added to his knowledge, make him the sensible and reliable choice to move your piano. Call Bill Rogers for your piano moving needs, (844) 307-MOVE.

Piano Tuning

If you were to take an A440 tuning fork (to hear a “perfect” pitch) and then play an “A” on your piano at the same time, you might hear a pattern of repeating “beats.” If so, your piano is out of tune! If the “A” note on your piano sounds like a completely different note, your piano may need more than a tuning, it may need a pitch-raise. Contact The Piano Mover of Nassau County for a free consultation with a piano tuner or technician or to schedule an appointment for a piano tuning. We are Located in Bohemia. Call Bill Rogers for your piano tuning needs, (844) 307-MOVE.

Piano Restorations

Over time, a piano’s condition may deteriorate beyond that which is repairable through regular maintenance. Factors affecting the piano include the age, location and use of the piano. The piano may lose its look, its ability to stay in tune, its sound quality, and ultimately its value. There are many methods and levels in restoring or rebuilding your piano. Our Long Island Piano Restoration facility is located in Suffolk County New York. Call Bill Rogers for your piano restoration needs, (844) 307-MOVE.

Piano Storage

The piano mover also has a state of the art climate controlled storage facility in Bohemia, N.Y. 11716. Whether you are in need of short or long term storage, let the piano mover store your console, spinet, upright, baby grand or grand piano and deliver it to your chosen location. Piano storage can be the answer to your problems in the event you are caught in between home closings, maybe your home sold sooner than expected and your new home closing has been delayed. You will have one less headache knowing your valuable piano is being stored properly. Call Bill Rogers for your piano storing needs, (844) 307-MOVE.


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