• 24 hour emergency service for pianos damaged by fire, smoke, water and flood.

Piano Moving

STOP! Don’t Let a Furniture Moving Company Move Your Piano! Only hire a professional
Never let anyone move your piano without proper equipment. A piano is a delicate piece of artwork that can be very costly to repair. One wrong move, and your piano moving experience can result in a broken piano leg or side, and a scratched finish. Worse yet, the piano’s main components can be severely damaged. Repairs can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don’t take the chance when you need to move your piano. Schedule your move today with The Piano Mover!

piano-925184_1280Although occasionally the price of employing a local NYC furniture moving company appears below that of a NYC piano moving company, the damage to the instrument that can come from improper packing or securing for the move may be exceedingly expensive to correct, if at all repairable. While spinet, console, studio upright, upright grand, and other upright pianos often need no disassembly; baby grand, grand, and concert grand pianos must be painstakingly disassembled, wrapped in blankets, and placed on a slide or piano board. A safe trip is warranted, as your treasured cargo is secured inside one of our fleet’s vehicles.

Your piano will be conscientiously packed and carried, with no detail spared. We are properly insured and dedicate ourselves absolutely to each job, moving one piano at a time. Our local NYC piano movers are first-class piano technicians as well.

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