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Piano Restorations

 Rebuilding, Restoring, Refurbishing and Refinishing your Piano

Piano-RestorationOver time, a piano’s condition may deteriorate beyond that which is repairable through regular maintenance. Factors affecting the piano include the age, location and use of the piano. The piano may lose its look, its ability to stay in tune, its sound quality, and ultimately its value. There are many methods and levels in restoring or rebuilding your piano.
Our Long Island Piano Restoration facility is located in Suffolk County New York.

Many people believe there is no point to restoring or rebuilding an older piano when there are many newer or new, nice looking, reasonably priced pianos on the market. Professional musicians, however, know better. The key to a piano is the quality of wood from which its built. In older pianos, the wood has typically been properly aged for up to 50 years and more! Additionally, older pianos were almost entirely built by hand. This highlights the individuality of each piano. Even a relatively inexpensive older piano can compete with the sound quality of the most expensive modern pianos.

There are nearly 10,000 parts in the typical piano – including key pieces like the keyboard, soundboard, strings, soundboard, hammer, bridge, pedal, damper, etc. For optimal performance, we’ll Action Regulation is essential…A part of the piano restoration process The Piano Mover of Long Island knows all about.

The main objective in the restoration or rebuilding of a piano is to bring back the quality of the sound, precision and sensitivity of the piano’s action, and the look and value of the piano. The Long Island Piano Mover is fully equipped and able to restore or rebuild your piano to the highest industry standards associated with piano restoration.

Refinishing & Polishing

Piano-Restoring-ServicesWhen refinishing any numbers of types of pianos and various finishes, various products and methods are available. Choosing the right way to refinish and polish your piano is a specialty of The Long Island Piano Mover. While refinishing a piano often results in restoring its desired original look, some customers may choose to change piano’s color to make it match the rooms decor. While possible, Long Island piano professionals usually don’t recommend changing solid piano colors (white, black, etc.) to wood finishes (walnut, oak, mahogany) the underlying wood may reveal some imperfection or mismatched pattern, the likely reason the piano was first finished this way. Various piano finishes include regular lacquer, polyurethane, water-based finishes, and polyester. Highly detailed, carved, ornamental or antique pianos may prefer the hand refinishing French polish. This is a technique involves applying and buffing out multiple coats of alcohol-based lacquers. It’s a traditional approach to refinishing a piano the way pianos were finished many years ago.

The Long Island Piano Mover is here to help our customers choose the right type of finish for their one of a kind piano.

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