• 24 hour emergency service for pianos damaged by fire, smoke, water and flood.

Piano Repairs

steinway3-300x225The Piano Mover is prepared and equipped to handle your piano repairs, restorations and moving needs. Our master craftsman can bring the look and sound of your instrument back to its like new condition. Have you recently inherited a family heirloom piano?  You will be surprised at how affordable it is to restore it.  We can repair, rebuild and restore any make and model piano – upright, console, grand, babygrand, concert grand. Restore your piano today.  Cherish your piano forever.

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Our Piano Restoration facility is found in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

steinway4-300x225Many individuals believe there isn’t any point to restoring or rebuilding an older piano when there are plenty of more modern or new, good looking, reasonably priced pianos on the market. Pro musicians know better.

A Steinway piano that we restored
The key to a piano is the standard of wood from which its built. In older pianos, the wood has generally been correctly aged for as much as fifty years and more!

In addition, older pianos were built by hand. This illuminates the individuality of each piano. Even a comparatively inexpensive older piano can battle with the sound quality of the most expensive modern pianos. There are nearly 10,000 parts in the typical piano — including pieces like the keyboard, soundboard, strings, soundboard, hammer, bridge, pedal, damper, for example.

Stienway1-300x225The main object in the restoration or reconstructing of a piano is to bring back the standard of the sound, precision and sensitiveness of the piano’s action as well. The NYC Piano Mover is professionally equipped and able to revive or reconstruct your piano to the highest industry standards.

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