Full Service Piano Restoration, New York

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Full Service Piano Restoration, New York         516 381-2328                  www.thepianomover.com


Piano Restoration, www.nypianorestoration.com  516 381-2328 www.thepianomover.com

24 Hour Emergency Service For Pianos Damaged By Fire, Smoke, Water and Flood.

NY Piano Restoration is a full service piano restoration company and Steinway piano restoration experts. Attention to detail in all areas of piano restoration, piano tuning, piano moving and Climate controlled piano storage. Servicing Long Island, New York and the tri-State area with more than a quarter century of piano restoration experience.
516 381-2328
for pianos damaged by Fire, Smoke and Water.
Recognized by most of the nations top insurance carriers, We have become a leader and innovator in mitigation and piano restoration. Our commitment to servicing the insurance industry has allowed us to meet their special needs. Master Craftsman piano restoration experts will assure you family’s heirloom to be restored to it’s original glory.
60 minute response time!
24/7 emergency service for: water damage cleanup, pump out, dry out, water removal, and debris removal service. Certified Technicians that are highly trained and experienced with all types of water damage situations.

The New York Piano Mover is a full service piano restoration company servicing New York, from Montauk Point to NYC /Manhattan for more than 20 years and offering climate controlled piano storage and concert quality piano tunings by our staff of Steinway piano experts. (Please call today for your Free Piano Moving Estimate.516 381-2328)

Bill Rogers The Founder of The New York Piano Mover also known as the piano mover. com was hired by the Steinway piano company in Queens New York 11105, With almost a quarter century of piano restoration experience The Piano Mover has serviced the New York and Long Island, area and is recognized by our thousands of customers and colleagues as a piano restoration expert and a full service piano restoration company with integrity and the willingness to achieve excellence in piano service every time.

The New York Piano Mover services pianos and moves pianos in all of Long island school districtand we offer climate controlled piano storage and concert quality piano tunings by our staff of master craftsman piano tuners and piano restoration experts.

The New York Piano Mover Located in Bohemia NY 11716 restores grand and upright pianos with attention to detail in our high quality piano re-finishing and piano re-building.

The New York Piano Mover Inc is a full service piano restoration company. 516 381-2328

(Please Don’t Hire A Furniture Mover To Mover Your Piano!)

The New York Piano Mover is a professional Piano Mover, In fact we move hundreds of pianos a year and we are also piano re-builders and concert piano tuners.

(The New York Piano Mover is your number one choice for a full service piano restoration  New York .

We are the New York  Full Service Piano Restoration Company! If you have any questions about Piano Moving, Piano Tuning, Piano Restoration in New York, Please call us 516 381-2328 24 Hour Service 516 381-2328


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Donated Piano, NY

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Donated Piano, NY   www.thepianomover.com  516 381-2328  www.nypianorestoration.com

 The Piano Mover Inc, Servicing all long Island and the NY metro area for expert piano tuning and professional piano moving 24 hours a day,7 days a week. Call us @ 516-381-2328 for a free estimate on piano moving , We will expertly move your upright piano or your Grand Piano safely and securely. We are also a full service piano restoration facility and service all make pianos from montauk point to nyc , piano storage is available as well.We have experience in all phases of piano tuning and piano restoration.

How to Donate a Piano to Charity

A piano can provide years of enjoyment for kids and adults alike—but perhaps you have one that you can no longer use or accommodate. There are many non-profit organizations that can help find a new home for your instrument, and your donation may even qualify for a tax deduction. From schools and churches to camps and seniors’ facilities, the gift of a piano is a generous way to contribute.


  1. Finding a new home for your piano

    • 1

      Before you begin to seek a new home for your piano, assess the condition and usability of your instrument. You may consider having a piano technician examine the instrument. You may also want to take some photos of the piano and note the brand, type, and any other features that may be of interest to the new owners.

    • 2

      There may be local organizations in your area that could use a new or gently used piano. Think about churches, schools, nursing homes and other facilities that have musical programming needs. Alternatively, if your piano no longer works, a theater troupe may be able to use it as a prop for productions. Reach out to any such organization you know of and ask whether they would be open to a piano donation.

    • If you are unable to locate a group that wants your piano, try contacting a local piano shop to see if they know of any donation outlets. You can also go online to one of several sites that will let you list your piano or otherwise help you find a new home for it.

    • 4

      Thec Piano Mover.com is a Full service piano Restoration Company and we also help to find a new home for serviceable pianos before they end up in landfills. Instruments are listed by state for ease of use by organizations or families that seek a piano.  The Piano Mover  helps to take care of such details as inspection or appraisal of the piano, as well as arranging for moving. You can contact the Piano Mover 516 381-2328  www.thepianomover.com   bill@thepianomover.com

    • 5

      After you have found a new home for your piano, the instrument will need to be transported by professional movers. Be sure to discuss payment for such with your charitable organization, since you may be expected to cover the expense.(the Piano Move is also a donation!) Depending on the value of your donation, you may need to file IRS form 8283. You may be able to list the gift as a charitable donation, so check with the IRS.

 Piano Donation, Piano Removal, NY and full service piano restoration company servicing NY, Long Island from Montauk Point to Mnahattan Daily. 516 381-2328 www.thepianomover.com

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Long Island, Piano Donation

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Long Island, Piano Donation   516 381-2328   www.thepianomover.com


     Helping Long Island Give The Gift Of Music
 The Piano Mover, Servicing Long Island for the past 25 years can help long Islanders with their unwanted piano by giving the gift of music to another fellow Long Islander. We can assist moving and servicing your used piano and donation of your piano to a not for profit for a tax benefit.

The Piano Mover & Storage Has the Most Piano-Moving Experience in Greater New York
The piano mover - a full service piano companyThe Piano Mover is prepared and equipped to handle your piano repairs, restorations and moving needs.

Your piano is one of your most valuable possessions – and when it comes to moving, it’s one of your biggest challenges! This is not a box of toys or even a heavy couch … it’s an expensive and finely tuned instrument, and moving it requires particular expertise. Damage it even slightly, and the repair costs could be astronomical.

Fortunately, The Piano Mover & Storage has been expertly relocating pianos of all shapes and sizes for nearly two decades. Immense weight and awkward shapes make piano-moving one of the hardest jobs in the moving industry, but it’s a familiar tune for The Piano Movers relocation experts.

Our long experience and advanced training protect your prized piano every step of the way. It starts with a precise measuring of your destination – you have to make sure the piano will fit in your new home! – and continues with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment that prevent bumps and scrapes. Temperature-controlled vehicles and storage facilities keep the piano’s wood from warping, whatever the weather is doing outside, while fine-tuned trucks minimize shaking and rumbling, keeping your piano properly tuned no matter how long a move it makes.

When it comes to moving or storing your piano, don’t hit a sour note – choose The Piano Mover & Storage’s professional and affordable solutions, and make sure your prized instrument produces sweet music for years to come.

 Our state of the art Piano restoration facility located in Bohemia Long Island NY 11706 is located in the center of Long Island to Better Service all of the Nassau County NY and Suffolk County NY residents for more than 20 years of piano restoration service. Our Main Focus in the piano business is to better service the Long Island NY piano owners and offer quality piano service with attention to detail on every piano restoration. We restore family’s heirloom pianos handed down from generation to generation and we preserve the sentiment of your piano by enhancing the beauty and playability making it the centerpiece of your home. 516 381-2328
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Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Mover

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 Grand Piano, Upright Piano Mover 516 381-2328 www.thepianomover.com

 The Piano Mover Inc. , a full service piano restoration company specializing in Steinway pianos and servicing all Long Island from Montauk Point to Manhattan 516 381-2328 7 days a week, 24 hour emergency piano restoration for Pianos damaged by Smoke, Fire and Water. Climate controlled piano storage, Concert Quality piano tuningand service by Steinway Piano experts.

The piano mover makes daily stops in Nassau and Suffolk County, and Bill Rogers the piano mover has more than 20 years experience moving all types and makes of pianos. Bill Rogers is the piano mover providing excellent and affordable piano service on Long Island. , N.Y.C. and the tri-state area.The Long Island piano mover moves and services pianos from Montauk Point to Manhattan with evening and weekend appointments upon request. Bill Rogers is an expert piano mover, having moved spinets, consoles, uprights, baby grands and grand pianos of all makes for well over 20 years on Long Island. N.Y. Bill is also a master craftsman providing excellent piano restoration, piano rebuilding, piano refinishing, piano repairs, piano tuning and climate controlled piano storage.

How Professional Piano Movers Move Upright and Grand Pianos

For piano movers, the most important part of piano moving is packing the piano. This means wrapping the piano in a series of blankets so that the surface of the piano isn’t scuffed or gouged (refinishing a piano can be very expensive). Making sure the piano is moved in a way that avoids damaging bumps and scrapes is a piano mover’s second most important task. Any professional piano mover worth their salt will have special tools for the job: like a piano dolly (a heavy duty 4-wheeled dolly with uni-directional wheels that can support a piano’s weight) and a piano board (a long board that the piano is strapped to for the purpose of moving the piano).

As a piano moving expert we can offer distinct advantages:

  1. Piano movers will prepare the grand piano for moving: Remove the lyre of the piano, the lid of the piano and the piano lid hinges. Wrap the piano parts in blankets. Lay two blankets over the top of the piano board.
  2. While two piano movers hold the piano up, a third piano mover removes the left and rear piano legs. The piano legs will either screw off or be released at the turn of a wooden or metal tab.
  3. The piano movers then ease the piano on to the piano board.
  4. The Piano movers then remove the remaining (right) leg.
  5. Next, the piano movers wrap the piano with moving blankets leaving some air vents so there’s no condensation inside the piano.
  6. The piano movers then strap the piano to the piano board making sure that any belts or buckles from the straps do not gouge the sides of the piano.
  7. The grand piano on the piano board is then placed on a sturdy, four-wheeled piano dolly by piano movers.
  8. The piano movers can now move the piano around and into a truck safely.
  9. The Piano movers then remove the remaining (right) leg.


Vertical pianos with a height in excess of 36 inches but not in excess of 42 inches.


Vertical pianos with a height in excess of 42 inches but not in excess of 46 inches.


Vertical pianos with a height in excess of 46 inches.


Vertical pianos with a height in excess of 42 inches and with an electric or pump player mechanism built into the case of the piano.


Small organs in which the pedals do not detach before moving and/or with a maximum of two 44 noted keyboards with one octave attached.


Larger organs with detachable pedals and/or with more than two 44 noted keyboards with more than one octave attached.


Very large organs with detachable pedals and a size in excess of 44 inches high, 31 inches wide and 56 inches long, and/or a combined cube in excess of 44 cubic feet.


Grand pianos with a length not to exceed 5′ 4″.


Grand pianos in excess of 5 feet 6 inches in length to 6′ 6″.


Grand pianos in excess of 7 feet 6 inches in length but not in excess of 9 feet.


Grand pianos with a length not in excess of 6 feet and with an electric or pump player mechanism attached to the case.


A Grand piano with a length that is in excess of 6 feet but not in excess of 6 feet 6 inches and with an electric or pump player mechanism attached to the case.


A Grand piano with a length that is in excess of 6 feet 6 inches but not in excess of 7 feet 6 inches and with an electric or pump player mechanism attached to the case.


A Grand piano with a length in excess of 7 feet 6 inches but not in excess of 9 feet with an electric or pump player mechanism attached to the case.

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Nassau County, Suffolk County, NY, Piano Service

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Nassau County, Suffolk, County, NY, Piano Service. 516 381-2328. www.thepianomover.com

The Piano Mover Inc. , a full service piano restoration company servicing Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York and all Long Island from Montauk Point to Manhattan 516 381-2328 7 days a week, 24 hour emergency piano restoration for Pianos damaged by Smoke, Fire and Water. Climate controlled piano storage, Concert Quality piano tuning and service by Steinway Piano experts.

You should never treat your piano as just another piece of furniture. The Piano Mover Inc, has the specialized skills, equipment and experience to move your piano the right way. Our piano crews are specially trained to transport all types of pianos from Spinets to Concert Grands. The Piano Mover can also provide information about piano tuning, refinishing services and Climate controlled Piano storage.  

For additional information or have any other specific needs, please let us know so that we can serve you better 516 381-2328

Piano Moves and service calls by the Piano Mover over the past few months,

Grand Piano move Manhasset, NY, 11030 to Seaford, NY, 11783, Upright Yamaha piano move from Bohemia, NY, 11716, to Hillside, Queens, NY, Baldwin Upright piano move Albertson, NY, 11507 to Miller Place, NY, 11764, Steinway Grand piano move from Muttontown, NY, 11791 to Head Of The Harbor, NY, 11780, Yamaha grand piano move from Bayside, Queens, NY, to Bohemia, NY, 11716, Steinway grand piano move from Mount Sinai, NY, 11766, to Massapequa, NY, 11758, upright piano move from Atlantic Beach, NY, 11509, to Baldwin, NY, 11510, Sohmer grand piano move from Sayville, NY, 11782, to Levitown, NY, 11756, Young Chang Player piano move from Uniondale, NY, 11553, to Syosset, NY, 11791, Steinway grand piano move from Leido Beach, NY, 11561 to East North Port, NY, 11731, hardman upright piano move Speonk, NY, 11972, to Blue Point, NY,11715, Harrington grand piano move from Stony Brook, NY, 11790, to Stony Brook, NY, 11794, Estey grand piano move Shelter Island, NY, 11964, to Medford, Y, 11763, piano move from Selden, NY, 11784, to Eastport, NY, 11941, Samick grand piano move from Holbrook, NY,  11741 to Garden City, NY, 11530, Steinway upright piano move, Hewlett, NY, 11557, to Bayshore, NY, 11706, Sohmer grand piano move Freeport, NY, 11520, to Franklin Square, NY, 11010, Steinway grand piano move from Plandome, NY, 11030 to Muttontown, NY, 11791, East Rockaway, NY,11518, Piano move to Point Lookout, NY, 11569, piano tuning Roslyn, NY, 11576, piano service call Westbury, NY11590, Piano tuning Great Neck, NY, 11023, Ouogue, NY, 11959, piano leg repair and piano tuning, Medford, NY, 11763 piano service and piano tuning, Brightwaters, NY, 11718, piano tuning, Islip, NY, 11751, piano tuning, Nesconset, NY, 11767, piano tuning, Patchogue, NY, 11772, piano tuning, Huntington, NY, 11743, piano service, Hicksville, NY, 11801, piano tuning, Riverhead, NY, 11901, piano tuning.

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Suffolk County, Piano Transport

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Suffolk County, Piano Transport. 516 381-2328. www.thepianomover.com


The Piano Mover Inc is the Nassau Suffolk County Long Island Piano Mover.516 381-2328 We  offer climate controlled Piano Storage for all of Long Island, NYC and Manhattan 24 hour 7 days a week service.                                                                                                                                             (Please Don’t let a furniture mover move your Piano!)

The Piano Mover servicing the New York area for more than 20 years from Montauk Point to Manhattan.


Call today 516 381-2328  and ask the piano mover about the New York Long Island Piano moving and piano overhaul service. We will pick up your upright piano or grand piano transport it to our state of the art restoration facility for an affordable overhaul and deliver your piano to your new home!

Piano Storage

Sold your home and trying to juggle closing dates on two homes? The Piano mover will pick up your piano transport it to our climate controlled storage facility and deliver your piano to your new home  when you are ready.

Piano tuning

The Piano Mover tunes and services pianos in the Nassau County and Suffolk County school districts through out all of Long Island. We are concert piano tuners and Steinway piano experts. (Please call today 516 381-2328 for your piano tuning)

The Piano Mover is the Number one choice for a full service piano company!

Piano Care

Newly strung pianos (including new pianos and newly rebuilt pianos) should be tuned 3-4 times the first year. Subsequently, most pianos should be tuned twice a year. Pianos that are used for performance or for recording will need to be tuned more often.

Pianos are damaged by extreme heat as well as extreme cold. Ideally, a piano is kept in a room in which the temperature is normal and constant (around 68° F). The temperature should not be allowed to fall below 45° F and should not exceed 90° F.

Extremes of humidity as well as large changes in humidity are both harmful to pianos. Ideally, a piano will be maintained in a room in which the relative humidity remains constant year-round. In a dry climate such as is found in the U.S. Southwest, a relative humidity in the 20% to 30% range is a good objective. In a varied climate such as is found in the U.S. Northeast, the relative humidity should be kept between 40% and 45%. Room humidifiers should be used whenever possible in those parts of the world in which there are cold, dry winters. The Sears Kenmore Quiet Comfort (evaporative type) humidifier works very well (the larger the better). Dehumidifiers are essential in tropical climates. Air conditioners can also be helpful – especially if they run fairly constantly. A DamppChaser unit that is properly installed helps maintain constant humidity in a piano year round (but cannot fully correct situations that are extreme).

Direct sunlight harms a piano’s finish (causing it to bleach and crack), while the heat that it causes destabilizes the piano interior. Therefore, if a piano must be placed in a spot where there is direct sunlight, a window shade and/or a piano cover is essential.

Keep fluids away from the piano. Juice, soda, even water spilled into a piano can do severe damage. Never touch the bass strings. Residue from hands and fingers causes corrosion, which can cause the bass strings to buzz and to lose clarity and power. Remove dust with a leaf blower or with the exhaust from a vacuum cleaner. If you live in a city, grime may accumulate over the years. Only a specialist should clean the interior of a piano.

The fallboard should always be open to allow free circulation of air around the keys. Keys should be cleaned only with a soft cloth, dampened very slightly with water or club soda (or Windex if the keys are really dirty). Never put fluid directly on the keys.

The case should be dusted with a lambs-wool duster (available in many hardware stores). To remove smudges, use a soft clean cheesecloth or an old clean cotton tee shirt (with the seams removed). Ten percent de-natured alcohol in water or Windex may be used if necessary. Do not rub across the grain and do not apply fluid directly to the piano.


Care of a Satin Ebony Lacquer Piano Finish

Do Not Do The Following:

  • Do not use any form of polish or oil product on this finish.
  • Do not wipe with paper or any cloth except that specified below.
  • Do not dust by wiping in a direction other than the one in which the surface was originally rubbed. Look at the surface striations on each part of the piano to see the proper direction.
  • Do not press down firmly on the finish when dusting. The finish is soft.

The Proper Method for Dusting and Maintaining the Finish

  • Use a folded cheesecloth, dampened lightly with distilled water (preferably).
  • Place the music desk flat and close the lid entirely, including the ‘fly´ or small lid.
  • Gently move the cloth lengthwise down the lid and follow each dampened cloth stroke with an un-dampened piece of cheesecloth to remove any water on the surface which might leave marks.
  • The exterior rim should be dusted lengthwise as should all other parts.
  • Periodically, open the piano lid and gently dust the harp or plate. Ideally, the interior can be “blown out” once a year to clean dust from around the tuning pins. A feather duster also works, but not as well as a strong blower.
  • Ask your tuner to dust the soundboard at least once per year. This requires a special tool which he should bring. This will keep your piano’s interior looking new for many years.
  • The only product we recommend is one made by a company named clory. It is called Satin Sheen, and it is made specifically for satin lacquer finishes. Even here, we prefer to dilute it with distilled water. It is available over the Internet.

The Piano Mover Inc, Is the Suffolk County Piano Transport experts. 516 381-2328


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Suffolk County, Piano Mover

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LICENSED AND INSURED Suffolk County Piano Movers Long Island Suffolk County Piano Movers The Piano Mover of Long Island Long Island piano moving company Reach out to the piano mover of Long Island.
The NYC Piano Mover. Piano moving for nyc
new york city piano moving
Piano Moving on Long Island
Long Island East End Piano Restoration services
Long Island Piano Tuning Piano Storage on Long Island east end Piano Storage on Long Island east end
The Piano Mover of Suffolk County
Suffolk County Long Island Piano Mover
Reach out to The Piano Mover!


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11733 East Setauket Brookhaven  
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11752 Islip Terrace Islip  
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11931 Aquebogue Riverhead  
11932 Bridgehampton Southampton  
11933 Calverton Brookhaven Riverhead
11934 Center Moriches Brookhaven  
11935 Cutchogue Southold  
11937 East Hampton East Hampton  
11939 East Marion Southold  
11940 East Moriches Brookhaven  
11941 Eastport Brookhaven Southampton
11942 East Quogue Southampton  
11944 Greenport Southold  
11946 Hampton Bays Southampton  
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11950 Mastic Brookhaven  
11951 Mastic Beach Brookhaven  
11952 Mattituck Southold  
11953 Middle Island Brookhaven  
11954 Montauk East Hampton  
11955 Moriches Brookhaven  
11956 New Suffolk Southold  
11957 Orient Southold  
11958 Peconic Southold  
11959 Quogue Southampton  
11960 Remsenburg Southampton  
11961 Ridge Brookhaven  
11962 Sagaponack Southampton  
11963 Sag Harbor East Hampton Southampton
11964 Shelter Island Shelter Island  
11965 Shelter Island Heights Shelter Island  
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11969 Southampton Southampton  
11970 South Jamesport Riverhead  
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